SP2: unwanted static routes


How to keep unwanted static routes from automatically reoccurring
on our SP2 nodes.
  ENV:      4 SP2 racks, 48 thin nodes, 1 wide node, PSSP Release 2,
            AFS authentication server

  DESC: Following a reboot each node comes up with a static routes to
        our AFS servers via the control node. The default route to our
        router is correctly set also. Since our control node is not our
        router these unwanted static routes have a performance and
        reliability impact.

        This started when we migrated from PSSP Release 1 to Release 2.
 Customer is having to delete static route to CW for route to AFS
server each time the node is rebooted. He would like to remove it from
the script if he can find where it is done. Researching.
Sent email to customer indicating that he could remove the route from
the ODM via SMIT and that would keep the route from coming back on a
simple reboot. 

I found where the entry is being added to the node. In the file
/usr/lpp/ssp/install/config/rc.boot.config on the node, there is a
chdev command at line 456. This adds the route that you are seeing
into the odm on the node and it will come back each time you reboot.
Removing it from the odm as I mentioned previously  will keep
it from coming back on previous boots. However, if the node is
reinstalled or recustomized, the route will be readded to the odm by
the above statement. I would STRONGLY recommend not making the change
to the rc.boot.config file because you will be introducing an
unsupported environment. I just wanted you to be aware of where the
change is coming from.

 Customer responded via email that he will update the ODM via the smit
command and leave alone the PSSP script that puts the route in

Support Line: SP2: unwanted static routes ITEM: AH7206L
Dated: June 1995 Category: N/A
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