Getting error message find: 0652-019 bad status on ./blv

  AIX 4.1.4  (just upgraded from AIX 3.2.5)
  RISC C10
  sysback 3.3.x.x

  Customer just upgraded from AIX 3.2.5 to AIX 4.1.4
  and when the customer does a full system backup using
  sysback he gets this error message:

  find 0652-019 bad status on ./blv it is not vaild
  The backup continues without any other error messages.

  I had the customer do this:
  1.  cd /etc
  2.  cp filesytems filesystems.old
  3.  vi filesystems
      remove all stanza for /blv and /usr/bin/blv.fs

      Remove all of:
        dev     = /dev/hd5
        vol     = "spare"
        mount   = false
        check   = false
        free    = false
        vfs     = jfs
        log     = /dev/hd8

        dev     = /usr/bin/blv.fs
        vol     = "/"

The backups are ok, once you remove those entries you will
no longer get the bad status error message.  These stanzas
where a carry over from AIX 3.2 and are no longer needed
at AIX 4

Next Action:
  Closing with customer approval

Support Line: Getting error message find: 0652-019 bad status on ./blv ITEM: BP2450L
Dated: October 1996 Category: N/A
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