Printing MVS -> AIX -> Lantronix blank page between each page

AIX 4.1.4

Want to get rid of form feeds queue is adding between each page of
the print jobs.


Data is coming to the AIX 4.1.4 RS/6000 via HCON, going to this remote 
queue, and then to a Lantronix printer/terminal server.  The queue is 
a remote queue from the AIX 4.1.4 box using rembak as a backend program
The job prints fine, except there is a blank page between each page of 
the job.

The remote queue on the AIX 4.1.4 client isn't using local filtering,
just rembak - so it cannot be adding FF's.  Expect that the job
getting queued has FF's in it, and the print server is inserting another
FF at the end of each page, and the result is double FF's.

disable the remote queue on the AIX 4.1.4 print client and sent a 
job from the HCON connection to see what queues up.

vi'd the file that queues job in /var/spool/qdaemon/\ to see
if there are FF's in the job coming from the HCON connection.  

When one job was sent, a seperate print job is queued for each page
This is a remote queue to the Lantronix server that is printing to a
queue named ep_edb_p1 - I suspect the queue that you're printing to is
not a "RAW" queue and is adding form feeds at the end of each job.
Since each page of the report is queued as a seperate job, there is a
blank page between each job... 

iptrace -a -b -p printer -s \ -d \
Send a SMALL print job
kill the iptrace process
ipreport /tmp/trace > /tmp/report

Examine the ipreport to see if any 0c hex (form feeds) are being sent.
I suspect that the queue being printed to on the Lantronix is a queue
that adds form feeds to the end of jobs by itself and since each page
of the report is a seperate job, there are blank pages between them.
Changing the rq = in the /etc/qconfig file - the queue that you are
printing to, should be altered to print to a "raw" queue on the
Lantronix such that it just passively sends to the printer whatever
comes in from the client (AIX) and adds nothing or does no filtering
on its own.

Customer performed the iptrace and found AIX was sending no 0x0c
characters (form feeds).  Placed a call to Lantronix who told you how
to telnet into the Lantronix server and through configuration menus
disable for feeds at end of job, turn off the banner pages the server
was adding, etc.  The print problems you were seeing were just a few
quick configuration changes in the port settings of the Lantronix

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