DDCS/6000: programmer/bind userid's


Pat needs to understand how she should set up many programmers
creating DDCS application programs.  Does each programmer
create applications on their own userid, or do they connect
as a common id? Where is this documented?
1.DDCS/6000 User guide - pg 39 - precompile & bind
2.Programming Guide - pg 80 - authorization checking
3.Programming Reference - pg 5 - Bind command
4.Programmer Reference - Appx D - Precompiler in-depth
5.Client Server Computing - GG24-3727-00 pg88 -
        DRDA & program preparation
6. DRDA Planning & Design Guide - GG24-3755-00 pg 51
        Program design techniques
7. DRDA Scenarios - CC24-3513-00 general examples.
8. Administration guide - pg 80 - Allowing indirect privileges
        through a package.


Called phone mail left message.


Pat called, asked a question, and I told her I would research and respond.              
I researched.  I called and left her a message.  She never called back.
That was almost a month ago.
So I called and left another message.  That was 3 weeks ago.
Now she is calling again and asking all over again, and wants
to talk to someone else. (See item AC1654 which I will close.)
Can someone call her at (215) 851-4577 to talk to her about:
Setting up a group of programmers that can test against one set
of databases, and then turn over the code to the DBA for production
use of a different database, and yet keep the userid & password out
of the compiles and SQL. And the authorities needed to get this done.


The following information is what I have received from DB2/MVS
developers and it should  answer your questions.
 Q: when DB2/6000 bind a package to DB2/MVS thru DDCS/6000,
    what is the collection id used by DB2/MVS?

 A: The userid that bound the package to DB2MVS is
    used as the collection id.

Q: and where are the owner and qualifier supplied?

A: The owner and qualifier are not specified by DB2/6000.
   DB2/MVS uses the defaults for these options which is
   the binder's id.

Q: How does people normally do security from DB2/6000? A: DB2/6000
restrictions for collection_ids make it difficult
   to support DB2/6000 packages in the normal DB2/MVS
   authorization scheme and package management. But,
   DB2/6000 V2 should eliminate all of these restrictions.
   V2 will be able to support all the DB2/MVS bind options
   for DB2/6000 packages being bound to a DB2/MVS server.
   Also V2 will support the SET CURRENT PACKAGESET SQL stmt
   for DB2/MVS servers.

Q: Do they use inbound translation? do they normally rebind
  the package at DB2/MVS to change the owner and qualifier?

A:  I have heard of customers that use all of the above
    techniques to get around these restrictions.
    For userids, DDCS restrictions on lowercase/uppercase
    userids for already verified connections will be
    eliminated. AIX SNA and DB2/MVS are planing to fold ids to the
    appropriate case. AIX SNA will fold userids to lower case
    when receiving ids from DB2/MVS. DB2/MVS will fold userids
    to upper case when receiving ids from DB2/6000.000038
    Currently DB2/6000 and DB2/MVS do not coexist very well.
    But DB2/6000 and DB2/2 V2 will help the situation

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