HACMP: Do pre/post events get run on all nodes?

 ENV:  AIX 4.2 HACMP 4.2

 PROBLEM: It appears that  Pre and post events are being run on 
all nodes when a swap adapter occurs.  If this is true then
what parameters are passed to the events?

*ACTION TAKEN:  The pre/post events do get run on all nodes in 
the cluster.  Here are the parameters that are passed.

Sample of the parameters passed to pre_event.  This is the actual
parameters that are being passed.

  swap_adapter piggy ether1

The first parameter passed to the swap_adapter pre-event is the
node name.  The second is the network name.  The third parameter 
is the on comming IP address and the fourth is the current IP 

Support Line: HACMP: Do pre/post events get run on all nodes? ITEM: BY6091L
Dated: May 1997 Category: N/A
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