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Have an exit 1 in a primary authorazation not stopping login


Have an exit 1 in a primary authorization and it is not stopping 
the loggin!


You are having a problem with your primary authorization. It is
running your script but then it is not killing the login prompt.  You
will send in the script and how you are using it and I will get back
to you. The problem with just a simple script as defined is info
is that you have users that have names which are subsets of other
names, ie. bob and bobby. Therefore, if bob tries to sign on
while bobby is already on the system, you will get logged out
even though bob is not on the system

This is the program you are using:  
   if [ ${idtest} -gt 0 ]
        who|grep "$1" >/tmp/$1.XX
        cat /tmp/$1.XX|while read name dum dum1 dum2 dum3
                echo "Grepped name="${name}
                echo "Login name  ="$1
                if [ "$name" = "$1" ]
                        echo "User "$1" is already logged on."
                        echo "Try again later."
                        sleep 3
                        exit 1
                        echo "Should never see this line"
     rm /tmp/$1.XX

After much trial and error, we realized that the program was exiting
with a status of 0 because it was able to successfully remove the
/tmp/$1.XX. You just removed this line from the program and everything
works fine. 

Support Line: Have an exit 1 in a primary authorazation not stopping login ITEM: L5155L
Dated: September 1994 Category: N/A
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