deallocate failure error code 105 on DLU6.2

   SNA Server V2.x or V3.x
   Customer is running an application over his dependent LU6.2 (DLU)
   session which is freezing up.  He explained that at one point
   after both the mainframe and RS/6000 had been rebooted the LU6.2
   application worked just fine.  However, the mainframe was rebooted
   again and now he is getting a deallocate failure error code 105.
      error code 105: The conversation cannot be allocated on a
                      session because of a permanent condition,
                      such as a session protocol violation error or a
                      session limit for the LU or mode that was closed.
   LS trace showed an LUSTAT with a CLOSE END BRACKET (CEB).  

The failure that was occurring is:

1. The LU-LU session is being initiated from the host because
   a LOGAPPL parameter is coded in the VTAM/NCP generation; LOGAPPL
   will cause VTAM to request an LU/LU session be established from
   the CICS LU as soon as the SSCP/LU session is established.
   CICS responds by building a BIND request.  CICS overrides the 
   information in the VTAM BIND image with information from the 
   CICS TCT definition.  Since MODESET was not defined for this 
   SYSTEM definition for the RS/6000 LU, the CICS BIND request was 
   not using the mode name requested by VTAM.  Therefore, the LU/LU 
   session is established but the mode name is not the mode expected 
   by the application.

2. Next an RS/6000 TP attempts to allocate a conversation.  
   AIXSNA looks at the LU and sees that there is 1 LU-LU session 
   already established for the specified local_LU - partner_LU pair.  
   However, the session does not have the specified mode name;
   since the established session does not meet the TP's needs, 
   AIXSNA must establish a session using the requested mode.
   But this LU is configured as a dependent LU; DLU's can only
   support one LU-LU session at a time, thus the allocate fails.

To correct the situation, we tested by unbinding LU-LU session
that was established and then establishing a session that
did meet the local_LU - partner_LU - Mode requirements of
the TP.  This worked. 

For a permanent correction, customer can:
1) remove the LOGAPPL parameter from the VTAM definition;  
2) leave the LOGAPPL, but add a MODESET CICS TCT definition; 
3) or remove the LOGAPPL and add MODESET and CONNECT=AUTO
   to CICS TCT definitions.

Support Line: deallocate failure error code 105 on DLU6.2 ITEM: AQ1828L
Dated: December 1995 Category: N/A
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