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Sysback Fix History -

                \# AIX System Backup & Recovery/6000 \#
                \#           Version 3               \#
                \#           FIX HISTORY             \#
 \# The change history below indicates the specific fixes applied to the
\# current version of Sysback. Each time a fix is applied, the last digit
\# (FIX ID) will be incremented by 1. This may be cosmetic or bug fix.
\# To tell whether a fix has been appiled, run "lslpp -l sysback.obj" and
\# look at the last portion of the version number (i.e. = "12").
\# Any changes listed below prior to and including this number have been
\# applied to the level installed.
====  =======   =======================================================
1      7/8/94   PROBLEM:
                The following errors occur during installation onto new
                disk drives that have not been used before:
                 0516-796 Making hdisk0 a physical volume. Please wait.
                /usr/sbin/mkvg: chdev: not found
                sysrvg changed to create a vgda on the disk using chgdisk
                command prior to executing the mkvg command.
                When the install faile, enter maintenance mode, and type
                the following command for each disk to installing on:
                 /etc/methods/chgdisk -l hdiskX -a pv=yes
                 Then reboot the system and start the install over again.
 2    7/20/94    PROBLEM:
                Because the filelist takes up space in /tmp after the
                checking for free space, the bosboot command may fail
                at the end of the install process if there is not
                enough space in /tmp to build the boot image.
                mkvgback command modified so as not to include any
                temporary files, including the filelist, in the
                volume group backup itself. Since no new files are
                restored to /tmp during the install, there should be
                adequate space for the bosboot to complete.
                If the bosboot fails during install, enter maintenance
                mode, remove all contents of the /tmp directory, and
                run the "bosboot -a -d /dev/hdiskX" command. Then
                exit to complete remainder of the install.
3    7/21/94    PROBLEM:
                Exclude list was being ignored for non-rootvg volume
                groups during a Full System Backup. Temporary exclude
                list file was being erroneously removed after the
                rootvg backup completed.
                mkvgback command changed so as not to remove the
                temporary exclude list file until all volume groups
                have been backed up.
 4    7/30/94    PROBLEM:
                Backups to diskette did not support multiple volumes.
                When reaching end of volume on diskette, the message
                "Out of space writing to /dev/fd0" occured & backup
                sbwrite and sbread commands enhanced to allow multiple
                volumes on diskette. Prompts to change volumes without
                user input.
 5    7/30/94    PROBLEM:
                When backing up to a disk file, default permissions 
                allow only owner to read the file. When performing 
                network installs, the sbnet user must have read 
                permissions to the image files.
                sbwrite program will use default mask of -rw-r--r-- 
                (0644) when creating disk files. Therefore, user need 
                not change permissions of files to make them available 
                for net installs.
                Type "chmod 644 /usr/lpp/sysback/images/*" from root
                before attempting network installs from disk images.
 6    7/30/94    PROBLEM:
                Network install failed to restore user data from 
                server. Error messages is: "sbinst not in /etc/services 
                file". Occurs because /etc/services is restored from
                client image & overwrites maintenance services file.
                If entry does not exist in restored services file, it
                is readded before attempting to restore user volume 
                Continue with install, then restore the user volume 
                group data from the SMIT menus when system comes up.
 7    8/02/94    PROBLEM:
                Listing files on file/directory backup produced
                error message "Invalid argument index". 
                Applied change to dirrestore program which was calling
                incorrect message catalog number.
                None. This problem does not affect the operation of the
8    8/02/94    PROBLEM:
                Listing files on filesystem backup fails with syntax
                error, and verifying files on filesystem backup locks
                up. This only occurs when listing or restoring from a
                local disk file backup.
                Fix applied to jfsrestore program.
 9    8/9/94     PROBLEM:
                tapesvs id, used for remote backups, sometimes requires
                a password be assigned, depending on OS level. Required
                for use on AIX V4.1. 
                Changed cfgremsvs command to create a dummy password.
                 WORKAROUND: User may assign password using passwd command.
 10   8/9/94     PROBLEM:
                AIX inetserv command does not work under AIX 4.1. Used
                with Sysback to configure network install server. 
                Changed cfginstsvr command to manually add entries to
                services and inetd.conf files and refresh inetd daemon
                instead of using AIX inetserv command.
                Not needed on AIX 3.2 systems.
 11    8/9/94    PROBLEM:
                readsbheader program does not set tape block size back to
                original when reading full system backup header if the
                block size was different than current setting.
                Changed readsbheader program to return block size when done.
                User may change tape block size back to original manually.
 12    8/11/94   PROBLEM:
                Backup aborts when using an autoloader after the
                first tape is changed. This problem occurs only after
                applying fix number 4 above.
                Fix applied.
                None. This was fixed prior to shipping the initial change 
                causing the problem.
 13     8/11/94  PROBLEM:
                mkvginfo locks when it encounters a volume group with
                no logical volumes. This occurs when creating a full 
                system backup.
                Fix applied.
                Create a logical volume with at least 1 partition and
                run the command again.

14     8/18/94  PROBLEM:
                Integrated Ethernet adapter does not appear in list
                of installaion devices when selecting to change install
                device during install process.

                Fix applied. This problem only occurred on model 250.

15     8/19/94  PROBLEM:
                When installing a Full System Backup from multiple
                physical devices, the block size of the secondary
                (non-boot) drives are not being set properly prior
                to beginning the restore.

                Code existed to perform this function but was not 
                working properly. Fix applied.

                Fix can be applied to another system, where a set of 
                install diskettes can be created and used to boot and
                install from the original tapes where the problem 

16     8/19/94  PROBLEM:
                Tape drives are inadvertently rewound after reading
                a parallel backup. Install process may fail to restore
                data for non-rootvg volume groups.

                Fix applied to sbread program to prevent rewinding of
                tape drives if /dev/rmt*.1, etc used.

                If install fails to restore data for non-rootvg volume
                groups, the data may be restored after reboot using SMIT
                option to restore files from a full system backup.

17    8/20/94   PROBLEM:
                When changing LV attributes during install, the minimum
                LPs for a filesystem is not accurate if user excluded
                files in that filesystem from the backup. It cannot be
                overridden, so there is no way to shrink or select not
                to create the filesystem even if there is adequate 
                remaining free space.

                Installation process enhanced with the following changes:
                a) If user chose to exclude entire filesystem from the
                   backup, or if filesystem was unmounted at time of 
                   backup, the minimum LPs will be set to 0, and user may
                   select to reduce or not to create without warnings.
                b) Warning message appears if user attemps to change LPs
                   to less than minimum, but allows them to override.
                c) Warning message appears if user selects not to create
                   a filesystem and there is not enough room in the parent
                   filesystem for the minimum LPs, but user may override.
                d) Screen displaying logical volumes for a volume group
                   now shows both LPs and Minimum LPs to more easily
                   determine where free space may be acquired.

                None. Without this enhancement, there is no way to 
                override the minimum LPs for a filesystem.
18    8/26/94   PROBLEM:
                Performing remote backups, if user name is 8 characters, 
                user and hostname are concatenated when reported on the

                Fix applied.

                Cosmetic only.

19    8/26/94   PROBLEM:
                Recreating volume groups or logical volumes from a Full
                System backup via SMIT does not execute command correctly.
                The device name and hostname (if any) are not being
                added to the command to execute.

                Fix applied. Device name, hostname and device for remote 
                volume prompt now appear on the SMIT screen.

                Use the remakevg command from the command line instead
                of SMIT.
20     9/1/94   PROBLEM:
                Recreating a volume group from a volume group or
                full system backup displays the message:
                "No physical volumes have been selected!" and the
                process hangs.

                Fix applied to message catalog. The program is operating
                properly, but the wrong message is being displayed on
                the screen from the message catalog.

                Set the LANG environment variable to "C" and try again.
                This will bypass the use of the erroneous message catalog.

21     9/7/94   PROBLEM:
                Sysback would not allow backups to be performed to remote
                tape drive if the block size of the drive was set to 0.

                Removed this restriction.

                None. The block size of the tape drive must have been set
                to other than 0 if used as remote device.

22      9/15/94 PROBLEM:
                If vdev0 is deleted, "0" is not reused for next virtual
                device description as with vdev1, etc.

                Fix applied. If vdev0 is deleted, next vdev created will
                be vdev0.

                Edit /usr/lpp/sysback/.virdevs file and change virtual
                device names manually as desired.

23      9/15/94 PROBLEM:
                If space & dash ( -) entered in description field in smit 
                when performing backup, command fails with syntax message.

                Fix applied. Dashes may be used in description field
                without error.


24    9/26/94   PROBLEM:
                Need to supress erorr messages regarding socket files not
                being backed up.

                Change applied to mkdirback and mkvgback commands so as not
                to attempt to backup socket files, supressing the error
                message by the backup command.

                Ignore irrelevant message.

25     9/26/94  PROBLEM:
                When CTRL-C used to abort backup, SMIT screen ends with OK.

                Backup commands now exit with return code 1 on interrupt.

                Ignore bogus return code on interrupt.

26     9/27/94  PROBLEM:
                Message "The volume on - is not in backup format"
                occurs when attempting to install from a network
                install image, which was made in compressed format,
                and a file /tmp/..header exists on the server and
                is NOT owned by sbnet user.

                Fix applied. This problem will be seen by few users.

                On server, remove the file /tmp/..header and
                restart the install.

27     9/27/94  PROBLEM:
                Message "The volume group information file contains 
                no version information!" appears when attempting to
                install from or recreate a volume group from a 
                full system backup. 

                SOLUTION: Fix applied. Only occurs if install image
                is not at same level of Sysback as boot image.

                None. Must install this update and create new
                bootable media.

28   10/11/94   PROBLEM:
                "cfgremtape: not found" appears when trying to list defined
                remote tape devices from SMIT if /usr/sbin is not in the
                user's PATH.

                Fix applied to use full pathname of command.

                Either add /usr/sbin to user's path or type 
                "/usr/sbin/cfgremtape -l" from the command line.

29   10/20/94   PROBLEM:
                Clients could log onto the server using the "tapesvs"
                id with rlogin.

                Change applied so that tapesvs id is created without
                rlogin permission.

                Use SMIT to change the "rlogin" attribute for user
                "tapesvs" to "false".

30  10/21/94    PROBLEM:
                Diskette drive not a valid device for full system backups

                Remove diskette option from backup device list when
                performing full system backup/restore/etc


31   10/28/94   PROBLEM:
                Message "The volume group information file contains 
                no version information!" appears when attempting to
                recreate a VG or LV from a full system backup.

                Fix applied. Same problem as \#27, but change needed to
                be applied to editvginfo program as well as remakevg.
                This problem will only occur when selecting to edit
                the attributes prior to recreating.

                Customer may manually remove check for "$VER" in
                /usr/sbin/editvginfo program or simply not select
                to view or change the information prior to creating.

32   11/2/94        PROBLEM:
                Message "sbread: cannot exec ttymsg!" appears during
                full system install when reaching end of tape volume.

                ttymsg mprogram was not being included in maintanence
                mode. This program is used to display volume prompts
                on the screen. The program should continue normally, but
                the message to change volumes will not appear properly.

                When the message appears, insert next volume. After 
                installing this fix, you may create and boot from 
                diskettes, and install fro the tape in which the error 
                was encountered and the problem will no longer occur.

33    11/4/94   PROBLEM:
                When remaking a VG in normal mode, if a VG has no PVs
                selected, the message does not appear correctly and the

                Fix applied to display proper error message and require
                user to select PVs for the VG.

                Make sure at least one PV is selected for each VG.
                If this error is encountered, CTRL-C will break out.

34    11/4/94   PROBLEM:
                When backing up an unmounted filesystem using the
                mklvback program, it complains that the -F (force) option
                must be used to backup unmounted filesystems.

                Low impact problem since mklvback is not ordinarily used
                to backup filesystems. However, a fix has been applied
                so that the filesystem may be backed up, either mounted
                or unmounted, without complaint.

                Mount the filesystem and try again.
                "remakevg" command displays the message
                "No physical volumes have been selected" before 
                attempting to recreate the VG.

                This is a message catalog error. The correct message to
                be displayed is "Are you sure you wish to recreate the
                xxx volume group?". Message catalog ID was changed in
                remakevg command to display correct message.

                User may either type "y" and ENTER to continue, or
                may reset the LANG environment variable to "C" and
                restart the command.

36   11/14/94   PROBLEM:
                editvginfo command displays negative number for amount
                of disk space selected on greater than 2 GB disk drives.

                Fix applied.

                Select to override the prompt that not enough space
                is selected and the program will continue

37    11/14/94  PROBLEM:
                The remakevg and editvginfo commands will fail on
                7135 RAID, when creating the volume group and 
                logical volumes.  Error as follows:

                Making raid5vg1 volume group on disks:dac0
                hdisk2 hdisk5  ..
                0516-794 mkvg: dac0 is not configured. Please configure
                the disk before trying this command again.
                Unable to create volume group raid5vg1.

                Fix applied. AIX bootinfo command supplies extra
                arguments on RAID devices that must be parsed differently.


38   11/16/94   PROBLEM:
                User not allowed to specify a LV size greater than
                500 PPs when PP size is 4 MB and LV is used for a 
                filesystem. Should allow size up to 512 PPs (2 GB) 
                on AIX version 3 (up to 64 GB for Version 4).
                Fix applied. Was incorrectly calculating maximum number
                of PPs.


39    12/27/94  PROBLEM:
                jfsrestore produces the following error message when
                listing or restoring from remote backups:
                /usr/sbin/jfsrestore[244]: 0: unknown test operator 

                Fix applied. This does not impact operation of the program

                None. This message may be ignored.

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