SYSBACK is hanging on the install

  AIX 4.1.4

DESC:   Tim is trying to clone from his 3bt to his 360. 
        Goes through the led's with no problem and then hangs
        with error:

        Error restoring sysback install programs.
        Cannot continue.

ACTION: As far as Tim knows they installed all the necessary
        drivers so he doesn't think this is the problem

Known bugs with sysback 3.3
Fixed in sysback.

21     Sysback command ignoring user description field. When user
       enters a description, it is not put in the backup label.

       WORKAROUND: none - this does not affect the backup.

22    AIX 4.1.4 Sysback tapes will not boot properly if all
      device support was installed on the system prior to
      creating the backup. Results in numerous "out of space"
      messages in the installation menus.

      Workaround: Change the following file prior to performing
      the backup. A new boot tape may also be created which
      will allow restoration from an older tape.
      /usr/lib/boot/{platform}.tape.proto (where platform is
                                           the platform type)

Next Action:
  Sending the customer the fix 
  Airbill Number: 441-441-7313

Support Line: SYSBACK is hanging on the install ITEM: AU0537L
Dated: January 1996 Category: N/A
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