ITEM: L4394L

My tape drive is defined after a failed install


AIX 3.2.3 upgrading to 3.2.5
    (Somewhere inbetween)

TAPE:  8mm 2.3gb  (3.2.5 pmp tape)


My update_all failed because I did not have enough filesystem space.
When I got to the command prompt my tape drive was defined.
I could not get it to come available.  I tried this:

1.  smitty tape
    Configure a Defined Tape Drive
    (That cored dumped)

2.  rmdev -l rmt0 -d
    That did not work either.

1.  lslv -m hd5
    (find the boot disk)

2.  bosboot -ad /dev/hdisk\#
3.  shutdown -Fr
    lsdev -Cc tape
    rmt0 Available 00-08-00-40 2.3 GB 8mm Tape Drive
    The tape is working correctly now.

4.  Increased the space in the filesystem and continued with the
    upgrade, by running the update_all command.

Support Line: My tape drive is defined after a failed install ITEM: L4394L
Dated: August 1994 Category: N/A
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