cannot rlogin ro a system


   Env: RISC System/6000, Sun, TCP/IP

   Desc: I have two users on two different Sun machines who are
        trying to rlogin to the AIX machine. One of them is
        able to rlogin, however another one is prompted for a 
        password. This appear to be strange since both of them 
        have entries in their .rhosts files on the AIX machine.

   Action: We've checked the permissions on their .rhosts files.
        For the user who was able to login the permissions were 
        -rw-r--r-- (644) but for user who wasn't able to rlogin 
        they were -rw-rw-r-- (664)! She changed the permissions
        for the second user to 644 and he became able to rlogin.

        To summarize the above: the rlogin command prompts for 
        the password if $HOME/.rhosts file has a 'write' 
        permission for the group. It might have been done for 
        security reasons.

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After further testing, the symptom appears to surface whenever the write
permission is added to group (g+w) or others (o+w).

The latest test was performed with running "rlogin" from a AIX 3.2.4 
system to an AIX 4.1 system.

Support Line: cannot rlogin ro a system ITEM: AC6454L
Dated: December 1994 Category: N/A
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