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Question on debugging


I have the SDE Workbench 1.2.2 tools installed on this machine. 
While in the debugger, I am trying to find out how to have shell 
environment variables be visible to the program I am trying to debug. 
Do you know how to do this?


Customer wants to change environment variables from inside the Program
Debugger.  This is not available in the Program Debugger.  The
environment information is passed from the parent AIXTERM to the
child AIXTERM, and the environment variables must be set prior to
entering WorkBench.

The other option is to set up the proper environment and then start
the Program Debugger from the command line, not using the WorkBench.

A third option is to attach to the program after it is running.  This
however, does not allow the breakpoints to be set at the beginning of
the program.  They can only be set at the time the attachment is made.

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Dated: July 1994 Category: N/A
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