NetView forwarding traps to Trouble Ticket


Trying to stop selected events from being forwarded to Trouble Ticket
from NetView.


ENV:  AIX 3.2.5, NetView V3.1 w/U439027, Trouble Ticket 3.2
DESC:  He has set up a filter in NetView to keep nodes from arriving
in the control desk when certain devices are down for a certain period
of time for scheduled maintenance.  The filter is set up properly and
his control desk is just how he wants it.  However, these events are
not being filtered out of the Trouble Ticket application, and incidents
are being filed for these things that he doesn't care about.  What is
going on here and how can he fix it?


Act : We discussed using the incident filter rules.
tt6000 -x problem --> administer --> Incident Filter Rules -->
Object --> New --> pick the enterprise and specific traps you
want to filter.  Then choose a method (report all events,
report frequent events, report long outages, report long event
bursts)  You can then set a time for these (extrememly long to
effectively filter all events).  Customer is going to look at
this as well as other methods to do this.
Nxt : CACC & will reopen if needed.

Support Line: NetView forwarding traps to Trouble Ticket ITEM: BG7378L
Dated: March 1996 Category: N/A
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