lslpp -ha returns errors.

ENV: AIX 3.2.5

DESC: The customer ran the following commands:

        export ODMDIR=/usr/lib/objrepos
        odmdelete -q "name='sna.gwdoc.obj'" -o lpp
        odmdelete -q "name='gw.sna.obj'" -o lpp
                export ODMDIR=/etc/objrepos
        odmdelete -q "name='sna.gwdoc.obj'" -o lpp
        odmdelete -q "name='gw.sna.obj'" -o lpp

        After this, I had the customer issued "lslpp -ha",
        and we received two errors from this command:
        0504-123 and 0504-308.

ACT:     odmget lpp | grep gateway
         odmget lpp | grep gw

I also had Joe run:
                 lslpp -ha -Osr gw.sna.obj
          this gave two 0514-116 : no products found

I then found that the ODMDIR was last set to /etc/objrepos.  So I had
Joe set it to /usr/lib/objrepos, and then had him run:

         odmget lpp | grep gateway
         odmget lpp | grep gw
           nothing from both of them

DESC: customer runs lslpp -ha gw.sna.obj and it fails
with the following errors:

        0514-308 can not match product name with product id

From reading through the item, it appears that the customer
remove the product from the lpp odm.

ACT: first step make backup copies of the /usr/lib/objrepos.

          odmget product | grep gw.sna.obj
             this list 2 stanzas
                  odmdelete -q lpp_name=gw.sna.obj -o product
            2 objects deleted.

        \# lslpp -ha 
        no runs cleanly

Support Line: lslpp -ha returns errors. ITEM: AL2597L
Dated: July 1995 Category: N/A
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