Link Verification shows pdisks as 'good' and 'reserved'


What does the 'reserved' status mean in the Link Verification SSA
Service Aid output?


ENV: SP2, 4.1.4, PSSP, 7133 connected to two adapters in one
.DESC:  When customer runs link verification, he sees that some pdisks
       are marked 'good' and some are marked 'reserved'.  The first
       eight disks are marked 'good', the second eight are marked 
       'reserved', then there is a row of asterisks, the third eight
       are marked 'good', and the fourth eight are marked 'reserved'.
       Customer didn't notice this until he varied on the volume 
.ACTION:  When SSA disks are configured, they are in the 'domain' of
         a particular adapter; i.e. they 'belong' to that adapter
         (called the 'primary adapter' of the disk drive).  If the
         primary adapter fails, communications to the disk drive 
         will be routed through a secondary path (another adapter 
         in the same loop).
.         When customer varies on his volume group, the pdisks that
         correspond to the hdisks in the volume group will show up
         as 'good' in the link verification output run on their
         primary adapter and 'reserved' to any other adapter in the
.         This is normal for customer's configuration.
.NEXT:  Closing item with customer approval.
.TEST:  None at this time.

Support Line: Link Verification shows pdisks as 'good' and 'reserved' ITEM: CG7062L
Dated: November 1996 Category: N/A
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