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Problem with PC-NFS and mounting filesystems - works with NIS running.


I was trying to mount some filesytems, but I was not allowed.  When I
started NIS then I am able to mount the filesystem.  What is causing
this problem?


You have three systems on your network:

        sysA                    sysB
        AIX system              AIX system
        3.2.2                   3.2.3e

                                Sun PC-NFS system

On the PC, you log in as user "user1" using "NET LOGON". When you tried to
mount a filesystem you had exported from sysB, you would get the error

"The specified filesystem is not local to sysB"

However, if you started up ypbind on sysB, with sysA as the NIS server for
the domain, you were able to mount successfully.

We checked the levels of the pcnfsd daemon on each of your AIX systems.

        sysA pcnfsd Version 2.0

        sysB pcnfsd Version 1.9

I do know that version 1.9 is not compatible with PC-NFS version 4.0. 
One of the ways this manifests is by not allowing any user with a UID
less than 200 to do anything. We checked to see if this was happening by
creating a /etc/pcnfsd.conf file on sysB with the line

        uidrange 1-60002

and were able to mount filesystems as "user1" whose UID is 7150.

I suggested you get the most up to date version of pcnfsd from Defect
to fix all these problems. As a workaround, you can let sysA do your
user authentication by using it as an NIS server.

Support Line: Problem with PC-NFS and mounting filesystems - works with NIS running. ITEM: D4476L
Dated: August 1993 Category: N/A
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