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Netview - trapd -p


 what is the -p argument & what does it do?


DESC:   You ran the trapd -p command.  It works but you want to know what
        the -p flag is for.  I couldn't find any information on this
        flag but will research and call you back.

NEXT:   check with netview support and call cust back


DESC:   The -p flag allows you sto specify the port that you want the   
        trap to.  You also need to know what else you have to do now that
        you've updated the .lrs file.  

NEXT:   I'll try to get someone from netview to call you back.


The -p option of trapd is NOT Documented.  I have requested development
either stop telling customers about it or document it....
Send this to defect support we will apar it.


Opened PMR 6X027, B180


Trap Port Configuration                                                
  The -p option was added to permit the pmd daemon to listen             
  for traps on a different port than 162.  The primary benefit           
  of this change is the ability for NV/6000 to coexist with trap-        
  processing applications like Systems Monitor and Synoptics             
  Optivity.  These applications can listen for traps on port 162,           
  process them as they wish, and forward the traps to the port on           
  which NV/6000 is listening.                                            
  In Version 3, the -p option is not needed; it was replaced by          
  a service name in the /etc/services file that can be updated             
  through SMIT (for migration, however, the -p option is still                

How to configure NV/6000 so it will listen for traps on a port         
  other than 162:                                                        
  1.Close the nv6k eui.                                                  
  3.issue the commands                                                   
    ovdelobj pmd.lrf                                                     
    ovdelobj trapd_dm.lrf                                                
  4.Look in /etc/services for a port number that is not in use. That is, 
    pick a number that is not in that file.                                 
  5.Modify the pmd.lrf and trapd_dm.lrf to specify the new port number.    
    - the files are in /usr/OV/lrf/                                      
    - add the option '-pxxx' to the 2nd line of both files, where xxx    
      is the port number you've selected.                                 
    - Here is an example for both files using port number 165.               
  6.issue the commands:                                                  
    ovaddobj pmd.lrf                                                     
    ovaddobj trap_dm.lrf                                                 
    ovstart (this starts the daemons                                     
  7.for confirmation issue:  
    ps -ef | grep pmd    
    ps -ef | grep trapd_dm  
  You should see -pxxx in the output.
  8.To start the NV/6000 EUI, issue nv6000 or ovw 
  System monitor changes should be fairly straightforward through the
 system monitor menu selection on NV/6000.

This resolves all of the questions that the customer actually had which
    pmd -p
    trapd -p
    Process to update the pmd and trapd daemons with the -p flag intact.

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