ucfgsnam failed with RC=39 when installing a sna PTF

  AIX 3.2.5

Desc:  Customer was trying to install a ptf for sna U433346
       It failed on root part of the ptf U433346
       ucfgsnam failed with RC=39
       clean up failed for root part RC=19
       In a BROKEN state.


lssrc -s sna ---sna was inoperative.

lsdev -Cc commo
   sna  Available  N/A
   gsna Available  N/A
   snam Defined    N/A
   snap Available  N/A

Ran /usr/lpp/sna/bin/luxicfg to reconfigure sna device drivers, but
this did not make snam Available.  The only way to make snam available
if luxicfg fails is by rebooting.

After Justin rebooted, snam was available.  Justing was then able to
successfully install PTF U433346.  After installing the PTF, we
removed the profiles with

rm /etc/objrepos/sna/*

Then we rebuilt the default profiles with


Then Justin imported his profiles with

 smitty sna
  Configure SNA profiles
   Advanced SNA Configuration
    Import SNA Configuration Profiles

He was then able to start SNA and the attachment.

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Support Line: ucfgsnam failed with RC=39 when installing a sna PTF ITEM: AJ9121L
Dated: May 1995 Category: N/A
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