ITEM: T4048L

Permissions and function of /etc/vg/lvdd_kmid


Env:    3.2.5.

Desc:   Customer has a security program that flags all files with
        global write permission.  It continually flags the file
        /etc/vg/lvdd_kmid.  Can these permissions be changed?
        What is the purpose of this file?

Action: /etc/vg/lvdd_kmid stores the address of the LVM device driver.
        There was a possible defect reported (APAR ix35468) regarding
        this file, after 3.2.3e, where the file had global write 
        permissions (-rw-rw-rw) .  However, it was determined to not
        pose a security risk, and closed.

        The lvdd_kmid file can be removed, or have its permissions
        changed, and after reboot it comes up recreated just as before.  
        It serves no apparent function at 3.2.4 and above.
        At 4.1.x, the file has been completely removed.

        Bottom line:  if you are concerned about security programs
        flagging this file due to its permissions, a script can be
        written that removes this file or at least its global write 
        permissions after each reboot.

Next:   Close.

Support Line: Permissions and function of /etc/vg/lvdd_kmid ITEM: T4048L
Dated: April 1995 Category: N/A
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