Managing install tapes with bffcreate and inutoc


Customer wants to know if he can download the contents of all the
fix and product tapes he has received into one directory and 
then run the inutoc command to create a .toc (table of contents)
file that will have all the images included.  


Yes, he can do this as follows:
  \# smit bffcreate   - then fill in the blanks
    Then do this for all tapes
 \# cd /\
 \# inutoc .

I also run

 lslpp -ld /dev/rmt0.1 tape.\.contents

and this file can be used to find fixes, installation products, etc.
Each of these files lists the contents of the tape.  Thus
one may run grep to find which tape contains a particular fix/install
image/etc.  The \ should allow one to physically
look at the tape and know which tape applies to which contents file.

Support Line: Managing install tapes with bffcreate and inutoc ITEM: BA8496L
Dated: November 1995 Category: N/A
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