X.25 xmanage reports connection status "UNKNOWN"


When I try to do a xmanage -s, I get:
        unknown status
        Error 084 c10 status 3 cio_hard_failed
Also, when I try to do a remdev or even try to change the NUA, I get a device
busy error.


You are running AIX 3.2.5, two X.25 adapters, and have the old version 
of the  X.25 Cookbook.  Unfortunately, the old version doesn't discuss 
ampx0, so command syntax may be a bit different.  lsdev -C | grep X.25
reports that ampx0 and x25s0 are available and xt0 is defined. 

Status "Unknown" indicates some severe problem with connecting.  As 
indicated in the cookbook, it can be user caused when you select X.25 
adapter configuration parameters that are a major conflict with the CCITT
specs.  (The example in the book is selecting a 4K byte packet size, but 
CCITT 1980 -- the conflict is that the largest packet size in 1980 is 1K.
I have also heard of this problem when the user enters the NUA address 
with a leading 0.  

Other non-user causes include: bad adapter, incorrectly configured modem.
Both adapters and cables have passed diagnostics.  The cable was custom
wired according to the V.24 pinouts listed in the Cookbook and was double
checked today.  

Thus, I would turn my attentions to the physical connection.  Verify that
your network provider (Sprint) has configured our network connection as: 
full duplex, synchronous, leased line, with modem/network clocking.  

No matter what, you are going along the correct path by working on connecting
via xmanage before configuring your application.  (Ultimately, you will 
be running HBX-PAD software.)  You have no chance to connect via your 
application until you can connect on all three levels.  Likewise, you 
have no chance of connecting on the Frame or Packet until you connect on 
the Physical.

As to your "device busy" problem.  You must stop ALL things that have the
device driver open.  This includes xmonitor, xmanage, as well as applications
such as TCP/IP (run ifconfig xt0 detach) SNA (stop the src) and HBX-PAD 
(kill the rxd daemon).


We've found the culprit -- a NEW cause of UNKNOWN!  You didn't have X.25
microcode installed in /etc/microcode/!  I sent you the regular
file (ls -la shows it a file size of 22252) you installed it and things
work perfectly now.  


The user received a diskette labeled "RISC System/6000, Realtime Control 
Microcode Version 2.01, part number 84-F7305.  You followed the directions
in the accompanying installation instructions document to create a file
named  The installation document was dated 1992 and was marked
as intended for IBM field personnel.  When this file didn't work, you 
renamed this file (which is 49980 in length) to  This allowed
the microcode to download.

I can't say that I'm totally surprised that this microcode, intended for
a Portmaster adapter, downloaded.  The Portmaster and the X.25 card are both
members of the ARTIC (A Realtime Interface Co-Processor) family of intelligent
communcations cards.  All of these cards have memory on the adapter into
which microcode and configuration information is loaded.

Note that AIX 3.2.5 X.25 does not support the Portmaster.  The new AIX X.25
LPPs (one for AIX 3.2.5 and the other for AIX 4.1) will allow users to use
either the X.25 adapter OR a Portmaster adapter.  Users of these LPPs will
NOT have to concern themselves with installing microcode, however, as the
microcode will be shipped automatically with the LPPs!

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Dated: October 1994 Category: N/A
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