ODM Problems with SNA. Defined device not found


ENV:    3.2.5, SNA Services/6000
DESC:   Upon boot they recieve an error message that a defined
        device was not found and to run diag -a.  This does not
        solve the problem.
ACTION: Not a production machine so we tried removing devices and
        rebooting, then adding the devices.  Didn't help.  Finally
        determined that APAR IX21140 showed the problem.  Alot 
        of SNA entries in the ODM had chgstatus=3 which caused the
        error.  The Apar workaround didn't work so we did the 

        1)   cp /etc/objrepos/CuDv /tmp/CuDv
        2)   echo $ODMDIR (make sure it is etc/objrepos)
        3)   odmget -qchgstatus=3 CuDv > /tmp/odmedit
        4)   vi /tmp/odmedit  (note: change 3's to 1's)
        5)   odmdelete -o CuDv -qchgstatus=3
        6)   odmadd /tmp/odmedit

        Error message no longer exists.
NEXT:   Close
TEST:   Tested on u2

Support Line: ODM Problems with SNA. Defined device not found ITEM: AK2283L
Dated: June 1995 Category: N/A
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