sysback ver /usr/sbin/<166>: /sbin/rc.boot_sb:

  AIX 3.2.5  
  Model 390  
  Sysback Ver

  Running a sysback backup and getting errors

Action:  Gene has run the sysback backup routine and has received the
         following errors

         /usr/sbin/\<166>: /sbin/rc.boot_sb: cannot create
         placing boot image on tape
         bosboot: missing proto file /sbin/rc.boot_sb
         bosboot: warning bosboot failed do not attempt to reboot
         Sysback unable to create bootable tape

         Checked the root filesystem and it has 100% inode used.  Will
         do research, in the mean time I advised Gene to either delete
         some root files or increase the size of the root filesystem.

Action:  Called customer back and they have removed a link that they
         had from oracle to the root directory and it has freed up his
         inodes used.   

Support Line: sysback ver /usr/sbin/<166>: /sbin/rc.boot_sb: ITEM: AK3778L
Dated: June 1995 Category: N/A
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