Filesystem /home (/dev//dev/hd1) is not mounted or does not exist.


  AIX 4.1.4
  Sysback  (I am using the sysback on sbserver)

  I backup the filesystem /home using the mkjfsback command
  I first removed the filesystem /home
  I then recreated the filesystem, but gave it a different name called

  When I went to restore using this command I got this error message:

  jfsrestore -f /dev/rmt0  -v -i1
Rewinding /dev/rmt0 ...
Reading table of contents .. please wait ..
Filesystem /home (/dev//dev/hd1) is not mounted or does not exist.

The mount point still exist and the filesystem called /home still exist, but
the logical volume /dev/hd1 does not exist.

Filesystem    512-blocks      Free %Used    Iused %Iused Mounted on
/dev/hd4           40960     32464   21%      891     9% /
/dev/hd2         1449984   1098336   25%     7872     5% /usr
/dev/hd9var         8192      6944   16%       86     9% /var
/dev/hd3           81920     75192    9%       65     1% /tmp
/dev/testlv1        8192      7792    5%       21     3% /test1
/dev/testlv2        8192      7792    5%       27     3% /test2
/dev/hd1new        65536     63368    4%       17     1% /home

This syntax corrects the problem.

jfsrestore -f /dev/rmt0  -v -i1 -D /home

So the question is this, Is the above a bug or Working As 

Next Action:
  Opened up a problem with TJ on this matter


The error message "/dev/dev/.." is obviously wrong so I'll correct
this but the error is correct. It's actually looking to see if the
original logical volume is mounted. If not, the message appears.

Normally, if creating the LV under a different name, you're also
mounting it to a different place. Therefore, the -D /dir option
will override this error message and doesnt actually look for a
logical volume at all.

This also allows you to restore data to a different directory even if
the destination directory is not a mount point at all.

Closing out

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