Netview DM Installation Planning

ENV: AIX 3.2.5, SNA Server 210,  Token Ring 3174, Netview  DM/6000
DESC: Customer has SNA Server 2.10 build 01.03.0093.0495 installed; he
      expects to install DM/6000 next week. He wants to begin configuring
      his profiles. Customer needs further assistance for configuring DM/6000. 
      Are there any howtos that we could fax him?
      p.96 of SH19-5002-01 NvDM/6000 Installation. & Customization Guide   
               Regarding the Luname question of what has to be coded 
               which indicated that If the remote node is NetView DM/MVS,      
               then this field must contain the same value as in the VTAM      
               LU definition statement -- this dealt with the Sna Services -   
               Server, LU6.2 Local Logical Unit profile, local LU NAME parm. 
               If they were interconnecting CC Servers via APPC, then the      
               value would have to be unique but since their configuration      
               deals with NVDM/MVS connectivity, it must be the actual VTAM      
               LU def. for the RISC/6000. 

       Chapter 7. Editing Remote Connection Files (SH19-5002-01),        

        When the customization has been completed, he should   
           test a transmission of flatdata between NVDM/MVS & NVDM/6000. 
           review logs (IOF output at MVS Host NVDM/MVS & fndlog on nvdm/6000)
           for any errors. 

       ASKQ item ELSSECVD04QQ which reflects the configuration via the         
          D/T3174 between NVDM/6000 on the RISC/6000 and NVDM/MVS on MVS Host   
       Redbook GG24-4189-00 "A Guided Tour of SNA Server/6000 Version 2.1",
          which contains Chapter 12. RISC System/6000 to 3174 Host Controller 
          as a local Gateway. 
       The 3174 configured as a Network Node under APPN, does not have all of
          the routing information required in its own routing tables. 
          The application nvdm/6000 has its own internal routing tables which
          must be customized. 

      I advised them to try to complete the customization this week, perform a 
          simple test, then if any errors are encountered, we can try to 
          address them. 

Support Line: Netview DM Installation Planning ITEM: AB7881L
Dated: September 1994 Category: N/A
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