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Cannot remote print to SYS 5 unix.


I am running 3.2.1. I recently moved the HP LaserJet IV from the RISC to
the SGI/4000 running SYS 5. On the RISC, the printer worked fine. But
now that I have tried to set up a remote queue from the RISC. I can't
get anything to print. When I do an lpstat it shows the local queue as
ready and then the remote queue as :tiger /usr/lpd:lj4 : unknown.  I
can print fine from my UNIX system. But how can I print from my RISC?


Use the attshort & attlong filters instead of either the aix
or bsd filters.  These filters are specified in /etc/qconfig, and control how
the return values from remote queue status requests are parsed and displayed.
The filters also affect the control file sent with the job to the remote system.

The filters chosen for a given queue are chosen to match the UNIX origin of
the printer server's lpd process.  Choose bsd filters for BSD 4.3 machines,
att filters for System V machines, and aix filters for the obvious.

Support Line: Cannot remote print to SYS 5 unix. ITEM: E8597L
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