Sysback fails on bootable tape with return code 11


       AIX 3.2.5
       TAPE 8mm 2.3gb
       RISC 7013-59H

        When the customer tries to run the sysback command.
        (making a bootable full system backup)

         sysback -f /dev/rmt0


         smitty sysback
           Backup/List/Restore Options
             Full System (Installation Image)
               Backup Full System

        It fails at the start with this error message:
        bootable tape failed with error 11.

          This is a problem with sysback at this level of AIX.
          You need to have the most current level of sysback 2.2.2
          for 3.2.5.  The problem is sysback uses a different method
          to create the different bootable image on the tape at 3.2.5.
          The backup command changes the return error messages.  Now
          if the backup command cannot find a file to backup it will
          return a NON ZERO error, which sysback at that level will 
          think as a error message and abort the process.

   Next Action:
            Sending at level of sysback to the customer.


Support Line: Sysback fails on bootable tape with return code 11 ITEM: AB8458L
Dated: September 1994 Category: N/A
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