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How To: Configure Ethernet


I am changing my ethernet cabling, and I want to know what to change in 
the configuration of the ethernet card on my RISC System/6000.


There are three kinds of ethernet adapter you can have for your RISC
System/6000. To find out what kind you have installed, type in:

lscfg -v -l ent0 
   ent0             00-00-0E          Standard Ethernet Adapter
   ent0             00-01             Ethernet High-Performance LAN Adapter
 or on the 200 series you may have a totally integrated ethernet adapter.      

The software connection is defined as follows:
Adapter       High Performance    Totally Integrated    Partially Integrated
Connectors      DIX and BNC            DIX only             DIX, BNC or UTP
10Base5            DIX                   N/A                   N/A
10Base2            BNC                   N/A                   N/A
10BaseT            DIX                   N/A                   N/A

The hardware can be configured as follows:
Adapter       High Performance    Totally Integrated    Partially Integrated
Connector        DIX and BNC            DIX                 DIX, BNC or UTP
10Base5          thick/DIX cable        thick/DIX cable     jumpers set up
10Base2          thin/T-connector       thin/Ext tranceiver jumpers set down
10BaseT          RJ45/Ext tranceiver    RJ45/Ext tranceiver UTP daughter card         

If you have a 340 plus series or 550L RISC there is a possibility
that you have a 'partially integrated adapter.'  If this is the case,
the only way to change the cable type is by moving the jumpers on the 
riser card, a job that an IBM C.E. should perform if the RISC is under
warranty.  There is no change in the software configuration for this 

Some of the RISC System/6000 model 220s had a 'totally integrated ethernet
adapter.'  These adapters have only a dix connection.  To change the cable
type on this card, you will need a different external transceiver.  Changes
in cable type for this adapter do not require any software configuration 

Most RISC System/6000s have a 'high performance ethernet adapter' 
(feature 2980).  The cable type for this card can be completely configured 
with software. The easiest way is to do it is in smit.  The cable type is 
stored  in the configuration database in two places; once for the adapter 
(ent0) and once for the network interface (en0).  If you change your cable
setting for en0, the setting for ent0 will automatically get changed.  
To change the setting for en0,

  type:    smitty tcpip
  select:  minimum configuration and startup
  change:  Cable Type    
  press:   enter

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