Manual removal of 3.2.5 4mm_auto driver on 4.1.2 system


Env:    AIX 4.1.2, 7332 4mm DDS2 tape cartridge autoloader, 7012 machine

Desc:   Customer was unable to configure the autoloader at 4.1.2, even
        though he had it working at 3.2.5.  Accessing the autoloader
        hangs the system at 4.1.2.  The driver itself is a driver
        for AIX 3.2.5.  Per old items, the device driver support for
        the 7332 at 4.1.x has not been released.

        When the customer tries to either remove the device or
        change/show characteristics in SMIT he gets the error:
0514-521: cannot find in predefined database

        He went through SMIT to try to remove the software product
        4mm_auto.obj, and received the error:
0503-429 installp: 4mm_auto.obj is invalid.

        He tried to re-install the software product through SMIT
        with prerequisites set to yes, commit to no, save replaced to
        yes and overwrite to yes.  This seemed to work, but the
        software product was still in the committed state.  We then
        tried to remove the software product again, which failed with
        the same error as before.

        It turns out that the installp image was a 3.1 image, and we
        cannot deinstall the driver, and will try to do this manually,
        so that the device can be configured as an OST device.

Action: First removed the old device:
        \# rmdev -dl rmt2
        This was successful.

        Then tried seeing how the 4mm auto loader is defined in the
        Predefined ODM:
        \# odmget PdDv | grep 4mm : seems to be 4mm_auto

        \# odmget -q type=4mm_auto PdDv

type = "4mm_auto"
class = "tape"
subclass = "scsi"
prefix = "rmt"
devid = ""
base = 0
has_vpd = 1
detectable = 1
chgstatus = 0
bus_ext = 0
fru = 1
led = 1861
setno = 1
msgno = 1
catalog = ""
DvDr = "4mm_auto_dd"
Define = "/etc/methods/define"
Configure = "/etc/methods/cfg_4mm_auto"
Change = "/etc/methods/chggen"
Unconfigure = "/etc/methods/ucfgdevice"
Undefine = "/etc/methods/undefine"
Start = ""
Stop = ""
inventory_only = 0
uniqutetype = "tape/scsi/4mm_auto"

        No hits on 4mm_auto in PdCn.

        \# odmget PdAt | grep 4mm_auto : uniquetype = "tape/scsi/4mm_auto"
        \# odmget -q uniquetype=tape/scsi/4mm_auto PdAt :

uniquetype = "tape/scsi/4mm_auto"
attribute = "model_name"
deflt = "IBM4586NP      !D"
values = ""
width = ""
type = "R"
generic = ""
rep = "s"
nls_index = 0

        \# cd /usr/lib/objrepos
        Made backups of PdDv,, PdAt,

        \# odmdelete -q uniquetype=tape/scsi/4mm_auto -o PdAt
        \# odmdelete -q type=4mm_auto -o PdDv

        Tried reconfiguring the tape drive as OST with "cfgmgr".
        Gave a warning about needing device.scsi package, but
        configured the autoloader as rmt1, as OST.  The customer could
        then use the tape drive.

        Since the driver is not even supported at 4.1.2, the customer
        can remove the backup files we made of the ODM classes above,
        and can probably remove as well "/etc/methods/cfg_4mm_auto".

Next:   Close.

Support Line: Manual removal of 3.2.5 4mm_auto driver on 4.1.2 system ITEM: AK0133L
Dated: July 1995 Category: N/A
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