Questions on restoring sysback VG backup.

  AIX 4.1
  DB2 V2.1

  Are restoring vg from sysback backup and are concerned about the db2 
  databases on the volume group. 

  Called customer.  Latest db2backup was performed Friday night and the 
  sysback backup being restored was performed on Saturday.  Customer has 
  all ready dropped the databases and removed the filesystems.

  Explained that if the database was offline when the sysback backup was 
  performed, then after the sysback restore completes, you should be 
  able to catalog the databases, and begin normal processing.  

  Customer explained that all the db2 data and logs were on the volume 
  group being restored and that the database was down when the sysback 
  backup was performed.

  IF the database was down, then the only thing necessary should be to 
  catalog the database.  If this fails, then restore the db2backup and 
  perform the roll forward.

Support Line: Questions on restoring sysback VG backup. ITEM: BP8912L
Dated: December 1996 Category: N/A
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