3.2.5, NTX, print to tcp socket?

ENV: AIX 3.2.5, Model 560

DESC: customer has an NTX adapter in his RISC system.  He also has an
Annex terminal server.  This server will accept a telnet connection to
a particular tcp port and route the data to a physical device.
Customer would like to print through this type of connection.

ACT: Customer found that /dev/hty33 was already set to :off: in the
/etc/inittab.  I had him check with "ntx_chaddr /dev/hty33" 
and found that it was set for call-in presently.  I also had 
him ntx_ping the annex server, and it showed alive.  I showed 
him the command on page 2-13 of his NTX Guide and Reference

ntx_chaddr -c nop -p \ -i \ /dev/hty33

This will cause the ntx adapter to establish a tcpip connection
when the hty is opened by a process.  This will happen when pioout
opens the port in order to print.

Support Line: 3.2.5, NTX, print to tcp socket? ITEM: BM1866L
Dated: August 1996 Category: N/A
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