print screen option on 3153


Problem: trying to get print screen option to work on ibm3153
emulating vt100 with printer attached to parallel port

Action Taken: 

from Terminal Personality page 117 in the 
InfoWindow II 3153:programmers reference manual
the vt100 sequence to print a page is ESC[i

Oct   Dec   Hex   Char   ASCII Value
---   ---   ---   ----   -----------
033    27   01b     \^[      ESC (Escape) 
133    91   05b     [       [
151   105   069     i       i

here is how to get the print screen key to work. 
Please note: this has only been  tested for emulating 
a vt100 on an ibm3153

press ctrl-minus to get into the setup menus of the 3153

press F1 quick setup
        change host/printer to appropiate entry
                          (in this case EIA/PARA)

press F8 print setup
        change the following:
                Prnt Block Term=\
                Sec. Recv=on
                Print Region =screen

press F12 Program keys
        change the following:
                program=Edit key
                Key dir=screen

hit print exec and press enter to save settings
press ctrl minus to exit
press y to save changes

print key should now work and issue a form feed when it is done!

set customers term as above and it worked

Support Line: print screen option on 3153 ITEM: FW5139L
Dated: June 1998 Category: N/A
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