Remote printing rembak error 0781-233 after upgrading software

ENV: AIX 3.2.5

        Our AIX box has several remote queues setup to other hosts.
        We are now receiving for all of these queues the error below
        each time a job is sent:

      Receiving error message: 
      rembak: (FATAL ERROR): 0781-233 Unknown host (ip address).
      rembak: errno = 22: A system call received a parameter that 
        is not valid.

      The problem seems to coincide with the installation of an SSA
      adapter and software on the system.

        We have 5 machines with remote print queues to PCs. On
        Friday we put an SSA adapter into one of our 7013-5xx
        machines and now when we try to print to the remote
        queues on that box we are getting:

        rembak: fatal error 0782-233 host name does not exist
        rembak: errno = 2

        Looked in your /etc/qconfig

        Your remote queues have host = \
        instead of a hostname.  Rembak tries to resolve this
        "hostname" back to an IP which it can't.

        Since you didn't want to go through and change the 
        /etc/qconfig file we did this instead:

        In /etc/hosts:

        \   \

        Now the printer's hostname and IP are the same and the
        print queues are working fine again.

        This problem was most likely created by some PTFs brought
        on by the SSA software installation as the requirement of
        a hostname instead of an IP in /etc/qconfig for remote
        queues is how the current level of AIX operates.

Support Line: Remote printing rembak error 0781-233 after upgrading software ITEM: AX8467L
Dated: April 1996 Category: N/A
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