Why a CD may not eject


Env:    3.2.5.

Desc:   Customer cannot eject CD from CD-ROM device.  Previously, he
        has had to physically remove the CD after opening the casing.

Action: Found that there was a CD-ROM filesystem mounted on the system
        ("mount").  We unmounted that filesystem, and then could eject
        the CD.

        CD-ROM devices allow the user to set an option that prevents
        ejection of a CD while the device is still open.  We checked for
        this with "lsattr -El cd0".  This returned:

prevent_eject yes PREVENT ejection of media when open True

        This means that the CD-ROM drive will not release the CD while
        the device is still open (like in the case of a mounted CD-ROM

        This value can be set with "chdev -l cd0 -a prevent_eject=yes".

        It is STRONGLY recommended that each time a CD is to be changed
        or removed, that the cdrfs (CD-ROM filesystem) be unmounted
        first, and then mounted again following replacement of the CD.
        Failure to do may place the filesystem in a state where it
        may not be able to be unmounted, and may require a reboot to
        resolve.  Setting the CD-ROM to prevent ejection is a good
        safeguard against this.

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