ITEM: M5488L

Need to convert cpu minute comparison.

DESC: You wanted the translation between CPU minutes from a 520 and 580
to a 59H. It is hard to say, not knowing the environment and bottlenecks.
Since you are using a database with mostly integer calculations you
might look more closely at the SPECint92 information.

ACT: Based on the SPECint92 and SPECint89 and the cpu speed (MHz).
                520 vs  59H             580 vs  59H
SPECint92       20      122.4           61.7    122.4
CPU SPEED       20 MHz  66 MHz          62.5MHz 66MHz
SPECfp92        52.9    250.7           133.2   250.7

Also realize that the 59H has level 2 cache of 1 MB that is greatly
advanced over the 580 and 520.  This data will help you analyze your
system and help you determine how your specific machines will run with
the different hardware.

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Support Line: Need to convert cpu minute comparison. ITEM: M5488L
Dated: September 1994 Category: N/A
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