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SCSI Addresses for the 7135

Env:  RISC System/6000 Model R24, AIX 3.2.5, 7135 RAID


Page 3-8 in the 7135 RAID Array For AIX Installation and Reference
manual (SC23-2728), dac0 and hdisk1 have the same SCSI IDs.  Customer
Customer would like to know if this is correct or if this is typo.


The information in the 7135 RAID Array Installation and Reference
Guide is correct.  The only SCSI Address that is important is the SCSI
address for the dacs.  It is normal to see an hdisk or LUN in the 7135
that has a SCSI Address the same as one of the dacs.

The Device Location Code for the 7135 is as follows:


where: AA: The system unit or drawer
       BB: The bus or slot containing the controlling adapter
       CC: Always 00
       DD: The first digit is the SCSI ID of the dac
           The second digit represents the LUN

All communication with the hdisks is done through the dac and the
actual physical disks in the 7135 are on separate SCSI buses inside of
the 7135.  So, there is really not a conflict with the SCSI address of
the dac and the LUN (or hdisk).

Support Line: SCSI Addresses for the 7135 ITEM: S4838L
Dated: April 1995 Category: N/A
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