sysback error bosboot: savebase failed with /dev/hdisk0

Environment:  3.2.5  3Ct

Description:  Customer is trying to reinstall a system from a sysback 
              backup onto two 2.2G drives and is receiving the following 


 Syncing data to disk...
 Copying files from RAM to hard disk...
 Changing to new root filesystem...
 Retrieving device configuration from previous system...
 Initializing boot logical volume hd5 on hdisk0...
 bosboot: Boot image is 11305 512 byte blocks.
  bosboot: savebase failed with /dev/hdisk0
 bosboot: warning: bosboot failed - do not attempt to boot device
 bosboot failed in intializing boot logical volume

 Customer is now sitting at option to:
 1) Perform system maintenance
 2) continue

 Had customer select option 1 to perform system maintenance.

 \#rmlv -f hd5
 \#mkboot -c -d /dev/hdisk0
 \#mklv -y hd5 -t boot -a e rootvg 2 hdisk1
 0516-404 allocp: not enough resources available to fulfill allocation
          either not enough free partitions or not enough physical
          volumes to keep strictness; try again with different
          allocation characteristics.
 0516-822 mklv: unable to create logical volume

 The problem may occur on drives larger than 2G in size.  There is an
 AIX limit where bosboot will fail if the offset to the boot logical
 volume is greater than 2G in size.

 At sysback or lower the hd5 logical volume was created LAST.
 Therefore if all the space on the outer edge of the hdisk is filled
 and forced to a portion of the disk which will cause the offset to go 
 over 2G.

 Sysback or higher now creates the hd5 logical volume FIRST
 before disk space is used up thus eliminating the potential offset


  1. Install latest version of sysback and remake backup.

  2. Reboot from sysback tape
     Select option 2 to edit volume group information;
     Select option 1 rootvg
     Select option 5 Logical Volume Attributes
     Select option \# associated with hd5
     Select option 2 Priority
     Change Priority from 9 to 1
     e to end; save changes
     Select option 3 to install with current settings


 If rootvg has been selected to be installed on multiple disks the
 following steps may allow the boot logical volume to placed on
 another disk other than hdisk0.

 1. From the maintenance mode command line.

    \#rmlv -f hd5
    \#mkboot -c -d /dev/hdisk0
    \#mklv -y hd5 -t boot -a e rootvg 2 hdisk1 (or other hdisk in rootvg)

    If errors occur from the mklv try other disks in rootvg or try
    solution \#2 listed above.

 2. If no errors occur from step 1 run the following commands

    \#bosboot -ad /dev/hdisk1 (same drive as selected in step 1)
    \#bootlist -m normal hdisk1
    Turn key to normal


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