Unable to add parallel printer.

ENV:  rs model 59H  ver 3.2.5

When the customer tries to configure a printer for the parallel port
he gets:
      0514-033 A device is dependent upon an attribute which
      does not exist.....

They were trying to add the printer as other parallel printer, so I had
them try to add it as an hp laserjet 4. This brought about the same
error message when it was configured.
All parallel printers depend on attributes for the ppa device.  To check
the attributes for this try:
odmget -q"uniquetype=adapter/sio/ppa" PdAt
  This was okay on the customer's system.
Another potential command to try for the ppa0 device is:  (this shows
the CuAt attributes for the defined parallel port.)

\# lsattr -El ppa0
bus_io_addr   0x078 Bus I/O address     False
bus_intr_lvl  13    Bus interrupt level False
intr_priority 4     Interrupt priority  False
  This was okay on the customer's system.

If these all exist then look at any particular attribute defaults to see if
they all exists.  I had the customer issue:
odmget -q"uniquetype=printer/parallel/opp" PdAt > /tmp/printer
This should show 17 attributes. The customer only had 16.
\#cd /etc/objrepos
\#cd PdAt PdAt.bak
  MUST have a backup copy in case you foul up.
\#odmget -q"uniquetype=printer/parallel/opp" PdAt > ppa_test
\#odmdelete -o PdAt -q "uniquetype = printer/parallel/opp"
\#vi ppa_test
I had the customer append this stanza to the file:
        uniquetype = "printer/parallel/opp"
        attribute = "busy_delay"
        deflt = "0"
        values = "0-1000,1"
        width = ""
        type = "R"
        generic = "DU"
        rep = "nr"
        nls_index = 33 
\#odmadd ppa_test
\#mkdev -c printer  -t 'opp' -s 'parallel' -p 'ppa0'  -w 'p'
The customer can now add his parallel printer as other parallel printer.

Support Line: Unable to add parallel printer. ITEM: BB4907L
Dated: November 1995 Category: N/A
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