ITEM: K2203L

Logical Volume sizes don't add up in SMIT.


When I go through SMIT I can't tell if my logical volume size is
2.1 GB or 2.4 GB?

You have 600 LP/PPs (Logical and Physical Partitions) allocated to
the Logical Volume (LV).  That means that 88 of those will be wasted 
because a filesystem may not extend over 2097152 KB, which is 512 PPs
or 2 GB.  In order to reduce the logical volume, you need to backup the 
data for the filesystem to tape, remove the filesystem, recreate the 
logical volume at size 512 LPs and the filesystem associated with it, 
and restore the data from the tape to the filesystem.  You did a df 
command and the filesystem says that the Total KB is 2097152, so this 
filesystem is indeed maxed out.  The command:

   \# du -k -s \ &

will show you exactly how much of the filesystem is actually being
used.  It came back with 1685908, which is 80% used.  A logical volume 
can be the same size or it can be larger than the filesystem that
resides on it.  As in your case, you have a very large logical volume
and a filesystem that is a bit smaller.  Since the sizes you were looking
at were dealing with both the logical volume and the filesystem, this is 
why the numbers didn't all seem to add up.  You were looking at two 
different things.

Support Line: Logical Volume sizes don't add up in SMIT. ITEM: K2203L
Dated: July 1994 Category: N/A
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