cannot start SNMP


   Env: Netview/6000, SNMP.

   Desc: We have upgraded memory in the machine from 32 to 64 MB.
        After this we have problems starting snmp.  We start
        snmp with the command 'startsrc -s snmp', snmp runs for
        5 minutes and then dies.
        the error message we receive is:

        Cannot bind snmp port.  Address already in use
        FATAL:   init_io failed, address already in use

   Action: We have told you to check whether there are other 
        daemons which are using ports 161 and 162.  You are
        telling us that there are none.  We have told you to 
        shut down the machine and watch for the snmp startup 
        or error messages on the machine restart.  You are telling
        us that snmp was started successfully.  

        You have told us that you have Optivity software installed
        on the machine.  There has been a problem with Optivity.
        During the installation of Optivity, the files
        /usr/OV/lrf/pmd.lrf and /usr/OV/lrf/trapd_dm.lrf are 
        updated.  As a result of it, it makes some daemons listen
        on the same port as SNMP.


SE started killing the processes and then issuing the netstat -a command 
to see when the ports were released.
 The two processes were:

/usr/lnms/bin/trap_server -n  - opened udp-based snmp port (162)
/usr/lnms/bin/superagent      - opened udp-based snmp port (161)

Both of these processes were part of Optivity software.  SE will remove 
Optivity and contact Synoptics on debugging issues.

Support Line: cannot start SNMP ITEM: AE6297L
Dated: January 1995 Category: N/A
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