How to configure gxt1000 for 60khz scan rate


   Env: AIX 3.2.5 gxt1000 model 002 3BT's   Mitsubishi 37"

   Desc: Customer has purchased 30 3BT's and gxt1000's.
        They used to have a GTO on a 320 which they hooked
        up to a 37" Mitsubishi display for presentations.

        They would now like to hook up the display to the 
        gxt1000.  When they plug it in and reboot it doesn't

        The Mitsubishi display has a scan rate of 64khz.

   Action: The gxt1 was designed to set the scan rate by 
           reading the cable ID and setting the scan rate appropriately.

        The cable they were using was a 77khz cable so it 
        would be running at 77khz.  

        If the gxt1000 is connected to a RISC, but is not 
        connected to a monitor and booted, it will default
        to the 60khz rate.

        I relayed this info to customer and it worked without
        problem after rebooting the risc with the display not
        connected to the gxt1000, waiting about 5 minutes after
        booting the 3BT to make sure the login herald would be 
        spawned and the cable id would not be read.

        Customer wanted to order the correct cable for future
        presentations with the Mitsubishi.  The cable id 
        that I was to to use for 60khz on the gxt1000 is

Support Line: How to configure gxt1000 for 60khz scan rate ITEM: AF8957L
Dated: February 1995 Category: N/A
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