Diskette drive comes up Defined


  AIX 3.2.5
      lslpp -m bos.obj 
      3250 U491123  
      3250 U493250

  RISC: 590

  4-7204 (1gb external disk)
  4-7208 (8mm 2.3gb external tapes)
  1-3490 (1/2" autoloader tape drive)
  6-2gb  (internal disk)

  He has four reg. scsi adapters.  On each scsi adapter there is one
  7204(disk) and one 7208(tape).
  On a diff scsi adapter is the 3490 tape drive.

  He cannot use the /dev/fd0 
  lsdev -Cc adapter
  sfda0      Defined 00-00-0D Standard I/O Diskette Adapter
  (shows the Standard I/O Diskette Adapter as defined instead of 


 Act:  Had customer run the following command:

       \# /etc/methods/cfgbus -l bus0 -d
       Found that the reason the diskette drive is not being configured
       is because of a bus conflict between nep0 and fda0.  However, this
       conflict is not a conflict between interrupt levels (as in 
       IX37397) but with the direct access memory level for the diskette 
       drive and the direct access channel for graphics adapter.  There 
       are many fixes for the nep adapter but none that addressed this 

       Customer faxed me the output from the following command:

       \# odmget -q "uniquetype = adapter/mca/nep and attribute = dma_lvl" PdAt
       Since the diskette drive can only have a dma_lvl of 0, we should
       make sure that the nep adapter do not take dma_channel 0.
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 Steps to fix the above problem:

 1.  Get a copy of the stanze uniquetype = adapter/mca/nep and attribute =
     dma_channel from the PdAt file.

     \# odmget -q \\
       "uniquetype = adapter/mca/nep and attribute = dma_channel" \\
       PdAt > /tmp/pdat.sav

 2.  Make a copy of the PdAt file.

     \# cd /etc/objrepos
     \# cp PdAt PdAt.bak

 3.  Make a copy of the /tmp/cdat.sav file.

     \# cp /tmp/cdat.sav /tmp/

 4.  Edit the /tmp/ file and change the deflt to 3 and remove
     the 0 from the value.

     \# vi /tmp/

 5.  Delete the uniquetype = adapter/mca/nep and attribute = dma_channel
     stanza from the PdAt file.

     \# odmdelete -q "uniquetype = adapter/mca/nep and attribute = \\
       dma_channel" -o PdAt

 6.  Add the new stanz from /tmp/ to the PdAt file.

     \# odmadd /tmp/

 7.  Change the console to a file.

     \# chcons -a login=disable /tmp/console
     \# shutdown -Fr

 8.  Remove the hft and nep adapter from the system.

     \# rmdev -l hft0 -d
     \# rmdev -l nep0 -d

     *  If you have any problem removing the hft and nep adpater with the
     *  above command, you can manually remove them by following the steps
     *  outlined below:

        odmdelete -q name=hft0 -o CuAt
        odmdelete -q name=nep0 -o CuAt
        odmdelete -q name=hft0 -o CuDv
        odmdelete -q name=nep0 -o CuDv
        odmdelete -q value3=hft0 -o CuDvDr
        odmdelete -q value3=nep0 -o CuDvDr
        odmdelete -q dependency=hft0 -o CuDep
        odmdelete -q dependency=nep0 -o CuDep

        cd /dev
        rm *hft*
        rm *nep*

        shutdown -Fr (reboot the system to reconfigure the diskette drive
                      and the nep adapter)

        chcons -a login=enable /dev/hft0 (change console back to the hft)

        shutdown -Fr (reboot the system so that the chcons command can 
                      take effect)

Support Line: Diskette drive comes up Defined ITEM: AA7926L
Dated: October 1994 Category: N/A
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