2D Layout for 3D Design



What's New

Getting Started

Entering the 2D Layout for 3D Design Workbench

Starting the Preliminary Design of a Part

Completing the Preliminary Design in Another View

Creating the 3D Part

User Tasks

Layout Tools

Copying, Cutting, Pasting and Deleting

Layout Creation and Edition

Creating a Layout

Opening a Layout

Navigating Between Windows

Layout Sheets

Editing a Sheet and/or its Background

Modifying a Sheet

Adding a New Sheet to a Layout

Setting a Sheet as Current

Reordering Sheets or Views

View Creation

Before You Begin Creating Views

2D Layout For 3D Design Views

Creating a Projection View

Creating a Section/Auxiliary View

Creating a Section From Two Planes

Creating a View From Another Element

Creating/modifying an Associative View From FTA

Creating a Filtered View From FTA

View Management

Using the Cutting Plane

Using the Clipping Frame

Using the Clipping View

Using the Back-Clipping Plane

Managing the Layout View Background

Visualizing the 2D Elements

View Filters

Creating and Cleaning of View Filters

About View Filters

Small Scale

Setting Small Scale in CATIA V5 Session

Small Scale in Drafting and 2D Layout

2D Geometry

Before You Begin Creating Geometry

Creating Profiles

Creating Rectangles

Creating Oriented Rectangles

Creating Parallelograms

Creating Elongated Holes

Creating Cylindrical Elongated Holes

Creating Keyhole profiles

Creating Hexagons

Creating Centered Rectangles

Creating Centered Parallelograms

Creating Circles

Creating Three Point Circles

Creating Circles Using Coordinates

Creating Tri-Tangent Circles

Creating Three Points Arcs

Creating Three Points Arcs Using Limits

Creating Arcs

Creating Splines

Connecting Curves with a Spline

Creating Ellipses

Creating Parabola by Focus

Creating Hyperbola by Focus

Creating Conic Curves

Creating Lines

Creating an Infinite Line

Creating a Bi-Tangent Line

Creating a Bisecting Line

Creating a Line Normal to a Curve

Creating Points

Creating Points Using Coordinates

Creating Equidistant Points

Creating Points Using Intersection

Creating Points Using Projection

2D Geometry Modification

Modifying Element Coordinates

Creating Corners

Creating Chamfers

Trimming Elements

Breaking Elements

Breaking and Trimming

Closing Elements

Complementing an Arc

Creating Mirrored Elements

Moving Elements by Symmetry

Translating Elements

Rotating Elements

Scaling Elements

Offsetting Elements

Analyzing View Geometries

2D Components

Before You Begin With 2D Components

Creating a 2D Component Reference

Instantiating a 2D Component

Multiple Instantiation From a List of Points

Editing a 2D Component Instance

Exploding a 2D Component Instance

Instantiating a 2D Component from a Catalog

Exposing a 2D Component from a Catalog


Dimensioning in a 2D Layout for 3D Design Context

Dimensions and Tolerances

Before You Begin

Creating Dimensions

Creating Half-Dimensions

Creating Explicit Dimensions

Creating/Modifying Angle Dimensions

Creating Fillet Radius Dimensions

Creating Chamfer Dimensions

Creating Thread Dimensions

Creating/Modifying Coordinate Dimensions

Creating/Modifying Radius Curvature Dimensions

Creating Overall Curve Dimensions

Creating Curvilinear Length Dimensions

Creating Partial Curvilinear Length Dimensions

Creating Dimensions along a Reference Direction

Creating Dimensions between Intersection Points

Creating Dimensions between an Element and a View Axis

Creating Driving Dimensions

Creating a Minimum Distance Dimension

Modifying the Dimension Type

Re-routing Dimensions

Interrupting Extension Lines

Modifying the Dimension Line Location

Modifying the Dimension Value Text Position

Specifying the Dimension Value Position

Adding Text Before/After the Dimension Value

Modifying the Dimensions Overrun/Blanking

Scaling a Dimension

Lining up Dimensions (Free Space)

Lining up Dimensions (Reference)

Creating a Datum Feature

Modifying a Datum Feature

Creating a Geometrical Tolerance

Modifying Geometrical Tolerances

Copying Geometrical Tolerances

Dimension Systems

Before You Begin

Creating Chained Dimension Systems

Creating Cumulated Dimension Systems

Creating Stacked Dimension Systems

Modifying a Dimension System

Lining Up Dimension Systems


Creating Quick Constraints

Fixing Elements Together

Creating Constraints via a Dialog Box

Creating Contact Constraints

Creating Constraints via SmartPick


Creating Annotations in a 2D Layout for 3D Design Context

Before You Begin

Creating a Free Text

Creating an Associated Text

Making an Existing Annotation Associative

Creating a Text With a Leader

Adding a Leader to an Existing Annotation

Handling Annotation Leaders

Adding Frames or Sub-Frames

Copying Graphic Properties

Creating a Datum Target

Modifying a Datum Target

Creating a Balloon

Modifying a Balloon

Creating a Roughness Symbol

Creating a Welding Symbol

Modifying Annotation Positioning

Creating/Modifying a Table

Finding and Replacing Text

Performing an Advanced Search

Querying Annotation Links

Adding Attribute Links to Text


Creating Dress-up in a 2D Layout for 3D Design Context

Creating Center Lines (No Reference)

Creating Center Lines (Reference)

Modifying Center Lines or Axis Lines

Creating Threads (No Reference)

Creating Threads (Reference)

Creating Axis Lines

Creating Axis Lines and Center Lines

Creating an Area Fill

Creating Arrows

3D Outputs

Creating a 3D Profile

Creating a 3D Plane


Before You Begin With Use-Edges

Projecting 3D Elements onto the View Plane

Intersecting 3D Elements with the View Plane

Projecting 3D Silhouette Edges

Creating Associative Use-Edges

Integration with the Drafting Workbench

Exporting a Drawing View to a Layout

Creating Drawings and Drawing Views from a Layout

Printing a Layout


Editing Sheet Properties

Editing View Properties

Editing 2D Geometry Feature Properties

Editing 2D Element Graphic Properties

Editing Pattern Properties

Editing Annotation Font Properties

Editing Text Properties

Editing Picture Properties

Editing Dimension Texts Properties

Editing Dimension Font Properties

Editing Dimension Value Properties

Editing Dimension Tolerance Properties

Editing Dimension Extension Line Properties

Editing Dimension Line Properties

Editing Dimension System Properties

Editing 2D Component Instance Properties

Workbench Description

2D Layout for 3D Design Menu Bar

2D Layout for 3D Design Toolbars



3D Geometry



Tools Palette

Geometry Creation

Geometry Modification




Dimension Properties

Numerical Properties

Text Properties

Graphic Properties



Customizing Settings

View Creation









Annotation and Dress-Up


Customizing Toolbars

Administration Tasks

Before You Begin

Administering Standards and Generative View Styles

Upgrading Standard Files from Previous Releases

Setting Standard Parameters and Styles

Before You Begin

Setting Standard Parameters

About Standard Parameters




Tolerance Formats

Value Formats

Pre-defined Formats for Tolerance and Dimension Values




Line Thicknesses

Pre-defined Styles Definition


Line Types

Sheet Formats

Layout Views Customization

Engineering Symbols

Setting Standard Styles

About Styles

Geometry Styles

Annotation Styles

Dimension Styles

Dress-up and Dress-up Symbols Styles

View Callout Styles

Sheet Styles

Dimension System Styles