Layout Sheets

  Edit a sheet and/or its background: edit a sheet, as well as the background of a sheet.
  Modify a sheet: change the standard, sheet style and orientation of a layout sheet; update the standard of a sheet; insert the background view from a drawing sheet.
Add a sheet to a layout: add a sheet to an existing layout.
Set a sheet as current: set a sheet as current, in a layout which contains several sheets.
  Reorder sheets: reorder sheets in the required sequence.
As reorder command works the same as in the Interactive Drafting workbench, links to the Interactive Drafting User's Guide are provided in this section. As such, the information detailed is presented in an Interactive Drafting context. You should note that the Interactive Drafting User's Guide contains images that correspond to the Interactive Drafting workbench and therefore illustrate them in an environment that is different from the 2D Layout for 3D Design environment (symbols and background color, for example).