Creating a Balloon  

This task will show you how to create a balloon. You can set text properties either before or after you create the text. 
Open the Brackets_views03.CATDrawing document.
  1. Click the Balloon icon from the Annotations toolbar (Text sub-toolbar).

  1. Select an element. For example, select the bottom line of the rectangle.

  2. Click to define the balloon anchor point.

The Balloon Creation dialog box appears, with the value 1 pre-entered in the field.
  1. You can enter another string or value as needed. For the purpose of this exercise, leave the pre-entered value as is.

  1. Click OK.


  • The value that is edited in the Balloon Creation dialog box is simultaneously previewed on the drawing.
  • When you create more than one balloon, the value of this balloon is automatically incremented.