Creating Circles

This task shows how to create a circle. In this task, we will use the Sketch tools toolbar but, of course you can create this circle manually. For this, move the cursor to activate SmartPick and click as soon as you get what you wish.
By default, circle centers appear on the sketch. In case you create circles by clicking, if you do not need them, you can specify this.
  1. Click Circle .
    The Sketch tools toolbar displays values for defining the circle.

  1. Type in the Sketcher tools toolbar for the circle center: H=30mm, V=30mm and press Enter.

  1. Type in the Sketcher tools toolbar for the point on circle: R=20mm and press Enter.

    The circle is created.

Constraints are similarly assigned to this circle on the condition you previously activated the Dimensional Constraints option in the Sketch tools toolbar.

  1. Double-click to edit the offset constraint corresponding to the radius.
    The Constraint Definition dialog box appears.

  1. Select Diameter in the Dimension combo list and click OK.
    The offset constraint type has been changed to diameter.

Copying the Circle Radius Parameters

Once you have created one circle, you can create any other and in the meantime use the radius parameter from the circle first created. To do this:

  1. Click Circle .

  1. Right-click the first circle and select Parameter > Copy Radius from the contextual menu.
    The new circle is automatically created with the radius of the circle first created but not positioned.

  1. Click to indicate the second circle location or use the Sketch tools toolbars to specify the circle center.
    The new circle is positioned.

Changing the Circle Radius

Once you have created a circle, you can change its radius. To do this, you can:

  • If the offset constraint corresponding to the radius exists:

    • Double-click the offset constraint and modify the radius value in the Constraint Definition dialog box that appears.


  • Double-click the circle and modify the radius value in the Circle Definition dialog box that appears.

  • Drag the circle until you are satisfied with its new radius.

If the circle center is fixed (or iso-constrained), you can change the circle radius by using one of the methods explained above.