Setting a Sheet as Current

This task shows you how to set a sheet as current, in a layout which contains several sheets. Setting a sheet as current means defining the sheet as the current one, which restores the last active view of the sheet.
Open the Disk4.CATPart document. Select Start > Mechanical Design > 2D Layout for 3D Design to open the layout in the 2D window. Add a sheet to the layout. The newly created sheet is automatically set as the current one.

To set a sheet (Sheet.1 in our example) as current, use one of the following methods:

  • From the specification tree, right-click the sheet you want to set as current, and either:

    • select Set As Current Sheet.

    • select Sheet.X object > Definition.

  • From the specification tree, double-click the sheet you want to set as current.

The selected sheet, Sheet.1 in our example, is set as the current one. You can start working on it.