Creating Arcs

This task shows how to create an arc. In this task, we will use the Sketch tools toolbar but, of course, you can  create this arc manually. For this, move the cursor to activate SmartPick and click as soon as you get what you wish.
By default, arc centers appear on the sketch and are associative. In case you create arcs by clicking, if you do not need them you can specify this in the Options dialog box. For this, go to Tools->Options, Mechanical Design > Sketcher option at the left of the dialog box (Sketcher tab).
  1. Click Arc from the Profiles toolbar (Circle subtoolbar).

  1. The Sketch tools toolbar now displays values for defining one after the other the arc center point, start point and end point. Position the cursor in the desired field (Sketch tools toolbar) and key in the desired values.

Arc Center
Start Point
  For example, enter H: 18mm and V: 30mm (Circle Center) and then H: 40mm and V: 40mm (Start Point).

The arc center and start point appear.


The arc will now appear according to the position you assign to the cursor. In this particular case, the cursor position is at the bottom extremity of the arc.
End Point


For example, enter S: -70deg (Angular Sector).

The arc appears as shown here.