Modifying the Dimension Overrun/Blanking

This task shows how to modify dimensions extension line overrun and/or blanking either together or separately.
Open the Brackets_views02.CATDrawing document. Create a distance dimension, for example.

Go to Tools > Options > Mechanical Design > Drafting > Manipulators tab. In the Dimension Manipulators area, select the Modification check boxes corresponding to the Modify overrun and the Modify blanking options.

  1. Drag the overrun manipulator(s) to a new position.

    If you want to modify one extension line only, press the Ctrl key and drag the desired manipulator.
  2. Drag the blanking manipulator(s) to a new position.

  3. If you need to be more precise, double-click the manipulator. The Blanking Edition dialog box is displayed.

  4. Enter the desired value to modify the blanking.

    You can also modify the overrun/blanking of only one extension line of the dimension.
  5. Double-click the overrun manipulator(s).

    The Overrun Edition dialog box appears.

  6. Enter the desired overrun value and un-check the Apply to both sides option from the Overrun Edition dialog box.

    The overrun is applied to one side only.

  • Note that you can also right-click the dimension and select the Edit > Properties option from the displayed contextual menu. The Properties dialog box appears. Select the Extension Line tab and modify the desired value(s) of the Overrun / Blanking Extremities option(s).
  • To set Cumulate dimension extension line length and text position, customize the Cumulate Dimension parameters in the standards.
  • Overrun is the overrun minimum value. As an example, for a cumulated dimension (for ISO Standard):
    You can increase the overrun size: You cannot decrease it below the minimum value: