Creating Points

This task shows you how to create a point. In this task, we will use the Sketch tools toolbar but, of course you can create this point manually. For this, move the cursor to activate SmartPick and click as soon as you get what you wish.
  1. Click Point .
    The Sketch tools toolbar now displays values for defining the point.

  1. Type in the Sketcher tools toolbar for the start point: H=19.7mm, V=19.5mm and press Enter.
    The point is created.


Constraints are similarly assigned to this point on the condition you previously activated Dimensional Constraints in the Sketch tools toolbar.

  1. Double-click to edit the 19.7mm offset constraint.
    The Constraint Definition dialog box appears.

  1. Set the offset Value to 20mm and click OK.

For creating an isobarycenter, click (or multi-select) at least two points before clicking the Point command. Note that an isobarycenter can only be created between points. In other words, if you multi-select a rectangle, the four points of this rectangle, and only these four points, will be used for defining the isobarycenter. Associativity is no more valid.

Symbols Representing Points

Points are represented either by crosses or just by points, depending on the chosen creation mode.

  • In standard mode, which is the default mode, points created on a line, for instance, are represented by crosses. The points and the line are visible outside the Sketcher workbench.

  • Points generated by Break operations are created in construction mode, even if the Standard/Construction button is set to Standard.